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Glutamine in clinical nutrition
Rajkumar Rajendram, Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel, editors. Humana Press , c2015.
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Available Online
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Patel, Vinood B
Preedy, Victor R
Rajendram, Rajkumar
Rajkumar Rajendram, Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel, editors
Place of Publication
New York
Humana Press
Date Published
Physical Description
1 online resource (xxxiv, 551 pages)
Series Title
Nutrition and health (Totowa, N.J.)
9781493919321 (electronic bk.)
Subjects (MeSH)
Glutamine - therapeutic use
Nutritional physiological phenomena
Subjects (LCSH)
Diet therapy
Part I. Basic Processes at the Cellular Level and in Animal Models -- 1. Glutamine structure and function: a starter pack -- 2. Amino acid transporters and glutamine -- 3. Role of glutamine transaminases in nitrogen, sulfur, selenium and 1-carbon metabolism -- 4. Glutamine uptake and immunomodulation: an overview - Kenneth Frauwirth -- 5. The role of glutamine and glutamic acid in the pituitary gland involvement in thyroid-stimulating hormone release -- 6. Glucose-independent glutamine-driven TCA cycle in cancer cells -- 7. The role of glutamine synthetase in the glutamine independence in mammary tissue -- 8. Glutamine addiction of cancer cells -- 9. L-[5-11C]-glutamine and metabolic imaging in cancer cells -- 10. Endotoxemia and glutamine -- Part II. Glutamine Use in Critically Ill Patients and Their Diagnosis -- 11. Plasma glutamine and its levels in metabolic stress -- 12. Glutamine supplementation in major surgery and intensive care -- 13. Enteral nutrition supplemented with L-glutamine in patients with sepsis -- 14. Glutamine supplementation in multiple trauma patients -- 15. Glutamine dipeptide and insulin sensitivity in critically ill patients -- 16. Potential for glutamine supplementation in critically ill children -- 17. Glutamine and ammonia in hepatic encephalopathy -- 18. The oral glutamine challenge in liver cirrhosis -- Part III. Glutamine in Normal Metabolism and under Surgical Stress -- 19. Insulin secretion and the glutamine-glutamate-alpha-ketoglutarate axis -- 20. Glutamine-cycling pathway in metabolic syndrome: Systems Biology-Based Characterization of the glutamate-related metabotype and advances for Diagnosis and Treatment in Translational Medicine -- 21. Glutamine and glucagon-like peptide-1 response -- 22. Glutamine pretreatment and surgery for cleft lip/cleft palate in children -- 23. Use of perioperative glutamine dipeptide in parenteral nutrition in surgical hospital patients with malnutrition -- 24. Therapeutic use of glutamine for diabetic foot ulcers and related conditions -- Part IV. Clinical Aspects of Glutamine in the Intestine -- 25. Glutamine protects GI epithelial tight junctions -- 26. Glutamine therapy in colitis models -- 27. Glutamine supplementation and Helicobacter pylori infection -- 28. Small intestinal hypoxic injury and use of arginyl-glutamine dipeptide: applications to pediatrics -- 29. Dipeptide-bound glutamine and the intestinal microcirculation in cancer -- Part V. Clinical Aspects of Glutamine in Certain Patient Populations -- 30. Manganese toxicity and the glutamine-glutamate cycle -- 31. Glutamine and epilepsy -- 32. Glutamine supplementation in glutamine synthetase deficiency -- 33. Plasma antioxidants and glutamine supplementation in HIV -- 34. Glutamine, total antioxidant systems and damage in renal ischemia reperfusion injury -- 35. Protection by glutamine after ischemia/reperfusion injury -- 36. Glutamine and cancer immunosuppression -- 37. Combining exercise with glutamine-supplementation in cancer cachexia metabolism -- 38. Glutamine and skeletal muscle -- 39. Glutamine and myostatin expression in muscle wasting -- 40. Web based resources, and suggested readings.