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The Physician's Guide to Investing : A Practical Approach to Building Wealth
by Robert Doroghazi. (2nd ed.) --Totowa, NJ: Humana Press , c2009.
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Available Online
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Doroghazi, Robert
by Robert Doroghazi
2nd ed.
Place of Publication
Totowa, NJ
Humana Press
Date of Publication
Physical Description
1 online resource (xviii, 416 p.)
9781603275439 (print)
Subjects (MeSH)
Part I. On Track With Your Financial Goals -- The Problem: Lack of Financial Instruction -- Goals for Your Financial Return -- The Magnificence of Compound Interest -- Part II. Avoid Being Diverted from Your Financial Goals -- Arrogance, Ego, Greed and Envy -- The Mark and the Doctor Discount -- It’s Not Much, I Can Afford to Lose It: The Concept of Risk -- Part III. Principles for Achieving Your Financial Goals -- Define Specific Goals -- Thrift -- Invest in What You Know -- How to Identify Real Opportunities -- Make Your Own Investment Decisions -- Documents Required for Financial Security -- The Importance of Relationships: Goodwill, Friendship and Reciprocity -- Uncle George’s Rule, or Why Cash is King: The Concept of Liquidity -- Part IV. Attaining Specific Goals -- Paying Daily Bills -- Your Home -- Funding Your Children’s Education --Insurance -- Funding Retirement -- Part V. Pitfalls in the Quest for Your Financial Goals -- Who Can You Trust? How to Spot a Con Man -- The Malevolence of Debt -- The Perniciousness of Fees -- Divorce: Beware of Gold-Diggers -- Tips: Real Opportunities or Useless Information -- Areas Where Caution is Essential or that Should be Completely Avoided -- Yes or No -- Dealing with Bankers -- Part VI. Investing in Specific Assets -- Asset Allocation, Diversification and Beating the Market -- When to Buy -- When to Sell -- Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds -- Real Estate Other than Your Home -- The Precious Metals and Commodities -- Art and Collectibles -- Other Types of Investments -- Part VII. More Tips for Realizing Your Financial Goals -- Obtaining Investment Information -- On-Line Brokers and the Internet -- Investment Strategies of the Pros -- Some Miscellaneous Bits of Advice -- The Importance of Charity.
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