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Psychology and the internet : intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal implications
edited by Jayne Gackenbach. (2nd ed.) --Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier/Academic Press , c2007.
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Available Online
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Gackenbach, Jayne
edited by Jayne Gackenbach
2nd ed.
Place of Publication
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elsevier/Academic Press
Date of Publication
Physical Description
xv, 374 p.
6610751501 (electronic bk.)
Subjects (MeSH)
Attitude to Computers
Cover -- Copyright page -- Table of Contents -- Contributors -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Chapter 1: The Internet in Context -- Introduction -- Our Collective Love Affair with the New -- Inventing the Self -- Humans and Machines-An Ambivalent Relationship -- The Ambivalence Deepens -- And Now. . . The Internet -- Take a Lesson from Radio -- Studying the Net -- Summary -- References -- Part I Intrapersonal -- Chapter 2: Children and the Internet -- Introduction -- What are Children Doing on the Internet? -- Concerns -- Social Development -- Unwanted Exposure to Pornography and Hate -- Predation and Bullying -- Becoming "Internet-Wise" -- References -- Chapter 3: Self Online: Personality and Demographic Implications -- Introduction -- New Ways of Thinking About Identity -- Personality Online -- The Self as a Demographic Online -- Social Roles and Inequality Online -- References -- Chapter 4: Disinhibition and the Internet -- Evidence for Disinhibition -- Internet Pornography -- Explanations of Disinhibition on the Internet -- Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 5: The Psychology of Sex: A Mirror from the Internet -- General Trends -- The Meanings of Sexuality for Human Beings: A Chaotic Systems Approach -- Sexual Expression and Information on the Internet -- Political, Personal, and Community Aspects of Sex on the Internet -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 6: Internet Addiction: Does It Really Exist? (Revisited) -- Comparison Survey Studies of Internet Addiction and Excessive Internet Use -- Survey Studies of Internet Addiction in Vulnerable Groups (I.E., Students) -- Psychometric Studies of Internet Addiction -- Internet Addiction, Comorbidity, and Relationship to Other Behaviors -- Internet Addiction Case Studies -- Why Does Excessive Internet Use Occur? -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- Part II Interpersonal -- Chapter 7: Revisiting Computer-Mediated Communication for Work, Community, and Learning -- Introduction -- Revisiting CMC and Internet Debates -- Unbundling Users and Their Online Activities -- Online and Offline Integration -- Wrapping Up -- References -- Chapter 8: The Virtual Society: Its Driving Forces, Arrangements, Practices, and Implications -- Introduction -- Driving Forces -- Global Economies -- Policies and Politics -- Enlightened and Diversified Population -- Existing Arrangements and Practices -- Dilemmas and Implications of the Virtual Society -- Enlightened and Diversified Population -- Information Technology and IT Infrastructure -- Summary and Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 9: Internet Self-Help and Support Groups: The Pros and Cons of Text-Based Mutual Aid -- Introduction -- The Psychology of Text-Based Relationships -- Self-Help as Mutual-Aid -- Text-Based Mutual-Aid -- Results of a Replication Survey -- Pros and Cons of Internet Self-Help Groups -- Internet Support Groups and Text-Based Group Therapy -- Ethical Considerations in Researching Text-Based Mutual Aid -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 10: Cyber Shrinks: Expanding the Paradigm -- Introduction -- Professional Issues Online -- Overview of Research -- R
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