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Vascular-targeted therapies in oncology
Siemann, Dietmar. --Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Interscience , 2006.
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Available Online
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Siemann, Dietmar
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Hoboken, NJ
Wiley Interscience
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Subjects (MeSH)
Neoplasms - drug therapy
Angiogenesis Inhibitors - therapeutic use
Neovascularization, pathologic
Drug Delivery Systems
Endothelial Cells - drug effects
Blood Vessels - drug effects
Genetic therapy - methods
Tumor vasculature: a target for anticancer therapies / Dietmar W. Siemann -- Abnormal microvasculature and defective microcirculatory function in solid tumors / Peter Vaupel -- The role of microvasculature in metastasis formation / Oliver Stoeltzing and Lee M. Ellis -- Development of agents that selectively disrupt tumor vasculature: a historical perspective / David J. Chaplin and Sally A. Hill -- Morphologic manifestations of vascular-disrupting agents in preclinical models / Mumtaz V. Rojiani and Amyn M. Rojiani -- Molecular recognition of the colchicine binding site as a design paradign for the discovery and development of vascular disrupting agents / Kevin G. Pinney -- Combined modality approaches using vascular-disrupting agents / Wenyin Shi, Michael R. Horsman and Dietmar W. Siemann -- Vasculature-targeting therapies and hyperthermia / Michael R. Horsman and Rumi Murata -- Flavones and xanthenones as vascular-disrupting agents / Bronwyn Siim and Bruce C. Baguley -- Targeting inside-out phospholipids on tumor blood vessels in pancreatic cancer / Adam W. Beck, Rolf Brekken and Philip E. Thorpe -- Cadherin antagonists as vasculature-targeting agents / Orest Blaschuk and Tracey M. Rowlands -- Alphastatin: a pluripotent inhibitor of activated endothelial cells / Carolyn A. Staton and Claire Lewis -- Cationic lipid complexes to target tumor endothelium / Uwe Michaelis and Michael Teifel -- Development of vasculature-targeted cancer gene therapy / Graeme J. Dougherty, Peter D. Davis and Shona T. Dougherty -- Vasculature-disrupting strategies combined with bacterial spores targeting hypoxic regions of solid tumors / G-One Ahn and J. Martin Brown -- Imaging the effects of vasculature-targeting agents / Susan M. Galbraith -- Clinical progress in tumor vasculature-disrupting therapies / Andrew M. Gaya and Gordon J.S. Rustin -- Use of vasculature-disrupting agents in non-oncology indications / Joseph C. Randall and Scott L. Young.
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