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Cancer immunotherapy : immune suppression and tumor growth
Pendergast, George C. --Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier Academic Press , 2007.
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Available Online
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Pendergast, George C
Other Authors
Jaffee, Elizabeth M
Place of Publication
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elsevier Academic Press
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Physical Description
409 p.
Subjects (MeSH)
Antineoplastic Agents - therapeutic use
Neoplasms - therapy
Cancer immunoediting: from immune surveillance to immune escape / Ryungsa Kim -- Immunosurveillance: innate and adaptive antitumor immunity / Masahisa Jinushi and Glenn Dranoff -- Cytokine regulation of immune tolerance to tumors / Ming O. Li and Richard A. Flavell -- Immunological sculpting: natural killer cell receptors and ligands / David A. Sallman and Julie Y. Djeu -- Immune escape: immunosuppressive networks / Shuang Wei, Alfred Chang, and Weiping Zou -- Cytotoxic chemotherapy in clinical treatment of cancer / Rajesh Thirumaran, George C. Prendergast, and Paul B. Gilman -- Targeted therapeutics in cancer treatment / Colin D. Weekes and Manuel Hidalgo -- Concepts in pharmacology and toxicology / Richard A. Westhouse and Bruce D. Car -- Cancer immunotherapy: challenges and opportunities / Andrew J. Lepisto, John R. McKolanis, and Olivera J. Finn -- Cancer vaccines / Freda K. Stevenson ... [et al.] -- Immunotherapy and cancer therapeutics: why partner? / Leisha A. Emens and Elizabeth M. Jaffee -- Immune stimulatory features of classical chemotherapy / Robbert G. van der Most, Anna K. Nowak, and Richard A. Lake -- Dendritic cells and coregulatory signals: immune checkpoint blockade to stimulate immunotherapy / Drew Pardoll -- Regulatory T cells in tumor immunity: role of toll-like receptors / Rong-Fu Wang -- Tumor-associated macrophages in cancer growth and progression / Alberto Mantovani, Paola Allavena and Antonio Sica -- Tumor-associated myeloid-derived suppressor cells / Stephanie K. Bunt ... [et al.] -- Programmed death ligand-1 and galectin-1: pieces in the puzzle of tumor-immune escape / Gabriel A. Rabinovich and Thomas F. Gajewski -- Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in immune escape: regulation and therapeutic inhibition / Alexander J. Muller and George C. Prendergast -- Arginase, nitric oxide synthase, and novel inhibitors of L-arginine metabolism in immune modulation / Susanna Mandruzzato, Simone Mocellin, and Vincenzo Bronte.
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