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Manual of botulinum toxin therapy
edited by Daniel Truong, Dirk Dressler, Mark Hallett. --Cambridge: Cambridge University Press , 2009.
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Available Online
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Truong, Daniel
Other Authors
Dressler, Dirk
Hallett, Mark
edited by Daniel Truong, Dirk Dressler, Mark Hallett
Place of Publication
Cambridge University Press
Date of Publication
Physical Description
1 online resource (218 p.)
Series Title
Cambridge medicine
9780511575761 (ebook)
9780521694421 (hardback)
Subjects (MeSH)
Botulinum Toxins - pharmacology
Botulinum Toxins - therapeutic use
Movement Disorders - drug therapy
Neuromuscular Diseases - drug therapy
The pretherapeutic history of botulinum toxin / Frank J. Erbguth -- Botulinum toxin : history of clinical development / Daniel Truong, Dirk Dressler, and Mark Hallett -- Pharmacology of botulinum toxin drugs / Dirk Dressler and Hans Bigalke -- Immunological properties of botulinum toxins / Hans Bigalke, Dirk Dressler, and Jürgen Frevert -- Treatment of cervical dystonia / Reiner Benecke, Karen Frei, and Cynthia L. Comella -- Treatment of hemifacial spasm / Karen Frei and Peter Roggenkaemper -- Treatment of blepharospasm / Carlo Colosimo, Dorina Tiple, and Alfredo Berardelli -- Treatment of oromandibular dystonia / Francisco Cardoso, Roongroj Bhidayasiri, and Daniel Truong -- Treatment of focal hand dystonia / Chandi Prasad Das, Daniel Truong, and Mark Hallett -- Botulinum toxin applications in ophthalmology / Peter Roggenkaemper and Alan B. Scott -- Botulinum toxin therapy of laryngeal muscle hyperactivity syndromes / Daniel Truong, Arno Olthoff, and Rainer Laskawi -- The use of botulinum toxin in otorhinolaryngology / Rainer Laskawi and Arno Olthoff -- Spasticity / Mayank S. Pathak and Allison Brashear -- The use of botulinum toxin in spastic infantile cerebral palsy / Ann Tilton and H. Kerr Graham -- Hyperhidrosis / Henning Hamm and Markus K. Naumann -- Cosmetic uses of botulinum toxins / Dee Anna Glaser -- Botulinum toxin in the gastrointestinal tract / Vito Annese and Daniele Gui -- Botulinum toxin in urological disorders / Brigitte Schurch and Dennis D. Dykstra -- Use of botulinum toxin in musculoskeletal pain and arthritis / Amy M. Lang -- The use of botulinum toxin in the management of headache disorders / Stephen D. Silberstein -- Treatment of plantar fasciitis with botulinum toxin / Bahman Jabbari and Mary S. Babcock -- Treatment of stiff-person syndrome with botulinum toxin / Bahman Jabbari and Diana Richardson -- Botulinum toxin in tic disorders and essential hand and head tremor / James K. Sheffield and Joseph Jankovic -- Developing the next generation of botulinum toxin drugs / Dirk Dressler, Daniel Truong, and Mark Hallett.
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