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Monitoring technologies in acute care environments : a comprehensive guide to patient monitoring technology
Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, Maxime Cannesson, editors. --New York: Springer , c2014.
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Available Online
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Other Authors
Ehrenfeld, Jesse M
Cannesson, Maxime
Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, Maxime Cannesson, editors
Alternate Title
Comprehensive guide to patient monitoring technology
Place of Publication
New York
Date of Publication
Physical Description
1 online resource (xv, 431 pages)
9781461485575 (electronic bk.)
Subjects (MeSH)
Monitoring, Physiologic - instrumentation
Monitoring, Physiologic - methods
Subjects (LCSH)
Critical care medicine
Patient monitoring
Part I. Fundamental Principles of Monitoring -- Overview of Clinical Monitoring -- Monitoring in Acute Care Environments: Unique Aspects of Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, Telemetry Floors -- Introduction to Signals -- Signal Analysis: Acquisition, Storage, and Analysis of Physiological Signals -- Information Displays and Ergonomics -- Decision Support and Closed-Loop Systems -- Part II. Hemodynamic Monitoring -- Introduction to Hemodynamic Monitoring -- Pulmonary Artery Catherization -- Non-invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring -- Transpulmonary Thermodilution -- Echocardiography in the Acute Care Setting -- Non-invasive Arterial Pressure Monitoring -- Heart Rate Variability -- Preload-Dependent Monitoring -- Monitoring the Microcirculation in Critically Ill Patients -- Hemodynamic Monitoring During Cardiopulmonary Bypass -- Closed-Loop Fluid Management and Hemodynamic Optimization -- Part III. Respiratory Monitoring -- Introduction to Respiratory Monitoring -- Photoplethysmography: Analysis of the Pulse Oximeter Waveform -- Time and Volumetric Capnography -- Monitoring Diaphragmatic Function -- The Anesthesia Machine as a Monitor -- Ventilator Settings in Acute Care Environments -- Monitoring Respiratory Rate -- Closed-Loop Mechanical Ventilation -- Part IV. Neuromonitoring -- Introduction to Neuromonitoring -- Transcranial Doppler -- Brain Oxygenation -- Intracranial Pressure and SvjO2 -- Monitoring the EEG for Assessing Depth of Anesthesia -- Monitoring Analgesia -- Neuromonitoring during Spine Surgery -- Closed-loop Anesthesia Based on Neuromonitoring -- Target-Controlled Infusions -- Part V. Metabolic Monitoring -- Glucometrics and Measuring Blood Glucose in Critically Ill Patients -- Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring -- Monitoring of O2 Uptake and CO2 Elimination During Anesthesia and Surgery -- Gastric Tonometry -- Temperature Monitoring -- Part VI. Other Forms of Monitoring in the Acute Care Environment -- Point-of-Care Coagulation Monitoring -- Pediatric Monitoring -- Fetal Monitoring -- Other Forms of Monitoring in the Acute Care Environment -- Ultrasound -- Part VII. Information Technologies in the Acute Care Setting -- Overview of Electronic Health Records -- Benefits and Drawbacks of Health Information Technology -- Special Case: Perioperative Information Management Systems -- Part VIII. New and Emerging Technologies -- Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Clinical Decision-Making -- Robotization.
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